Who's backing me?

I'm thrilled to have a broad range of supporters from within the Labour party but also from the wider Southampton community. Please read below what they're saying about me and my ability to be your candidate and MP.


Jackie Landman

Bitterne Park member; Southampton Itchen CLP women's officer

I support Darren Paffey to become our candidate for Itchen at the next general election because he has what it takes to win it back from the Tories. We need his vision and commitment to work for us at Westminster. I have door-knocked with Darren so I know how enthusiastically he campaigns, come rain or shine. I am confident Darren will facilitate existing and new activists to work for Labour’s success at the next election.

Cllr Christopher Hammond

Councillor, Woolston ward

Darren is no ordinary politician and will be the type of candidate we need here. He’ll listen, he’ll act and if selected, would be a tireless advocate for fairness in Itchen.
parvin 1

Dr Parvin Damani MBE

Chair of Southampton Muslim Council

His focus on reducing inequalities and making the city a fair and enjoyable place to live made him instrumental in the formation of the Southampton Fairness Commission. He has the skills to engage with people, agencies and the business world, and maintains an understanding of the city's needs, and always keeps a caring attitude and a good sense of humour.

Andy Holdup

Peartree member

Reflecting the right policies and being a campaign machine are essential for a good local MP, but they’re not enough. How you work with the community, with local people and with the Party matters every bit as much. I believe that Darren understands that and that he can fill the gap in Itchen that’s been empty for far too long.
catherinerendle 1

Catherine Rendle

Peartree member

Darren has always impressed me with his ability to listen to voters and represent them on issues that really matter to working people. I know these skills will make Darren an effective parliamentary candidate and brilliant MP for the people of Southampton Itchen.

Ahmed Sasso MBE

Southampton Fairness Commission; Community Engagement Officer

I have never known Darren to walk away from any challenges, especially where it meant having to fight for social justice, fairness and equality, particularly for those who need it most across all communities in the city. In my opinion and from my working experience with Darren, he is someone who I believe will be there for those in our communities whose voices are either not heard and or not listened to. I have found it a privilege to work with Darren over the years and I am therefore proud to support his nomination as the Parliamentary candidate for Southampton Itchen.

Lisa Mitchell

Bargate member

When I worked as an organiser for Southampton Labour Party I had the pleasure of campaigning alongside Darren in various national and local elections. He's everything you want to see in a candidate and campaigner. He works incredibly hard and has the perfect balance between experience, energy and enthusiasm. Perhaps most importantly for me, because of Darren's background growing up you can see how he connects with people who are struggling under this Tory government. I have no doubt he is the best person to win back Southampton Itchen for Labour at the next election.

Jonty Archibald

Chair of Southampton Schools Forum; Secondary School Headteacher

As a Southampton Headteacher and current chair of Schools Forum, I have worked closely with Darren. His devotion to bettering the education outcomes for all pupils is commendable as it has put the importance of investment in local schools at the heart of priorities. As my school is part of a Cooperative Learning Trust, Darren's views and method of working is in line with the way a Cooperative is founded, working together for the benefit of all. His background and personal journey has enabled Darren to be able to work with the complete cross section of Southampton's constituents and make them feel listened to and valued.
SandraSmith 1

Sandra Smith

Former Chair, Romsey & Southampton North CLP

During my time as Chair of Romsey and Southampton North CLP Darren stood as our candidate in the 2015 and 2017 General elections. He succeeded in raising the Labour vote from 3116 in 2010 (6.4%) to 9614 in 2017 (19.2%). In such a staunchly Tory area to find 6,000 extra Labour voters was a huge achievement. His performance at the big hustings meeting in Romsey Abbey was outstanding. We could not have wished for a better candidate and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Jonathan Cheshire OBE

Chair of Southampton Fairness Commission; Founder of Wheatsheaf Trust

I know Darren as an active and committed City Councillor and in particular through the work of the Southampton Fairness Commission, which he helped to conceive and establish. He combines a strong commitment to fairness and social justice with the ability to understand real-world problems and come up with practical solutions. He would make an excellent Member of Parliament and I wish him well in the coming election. Southampton is the largest city in the prosperous South of England, but has significant areas of poverty, deprivation, and social problems. It needs a MP who understand the issues and is ready to fight for its people.

John Jordan

Bitterne ward councillor

I’m backing Darren because he’s the best candidate to beat the Tories, and will be exactly the kind of MP that Southampton Itchen needs. He’s always stood up for Labour values of equality and fairness, and working with him in Cabinet, I’ve seen first hand how he speaks up to ensure the city’s young people get the best education possible. He will motivate our local members, engage with the community, and put up a tireless and energetic fight for Labour in this constituency.

Jan Goatley

Peartree member, Infant School Headteacher

I have witnessed first hand Darren's commitment and support for education in this City and his passion to make a difference to the life chances of our children is clear.  He has insight and understanding of both local and national issues and I offer him my full support for his nomination.

Tom Waterton

Bitterne Park resident

I've not been a Labour voter in the past but I've been so impressed over the last few years by how dedicated Darren Paffey has been to serving his local community as a city councillor that I'll be wholeheartedly supporting his nomination as our parliamentary candidate for Southampton Itchen. Darren does exactly what I think most people want from their MPs - he listens to the people in his constituency, voices our concerns, and takes action.

Jo Ford

Darren's election agent at 2017 General Election

I have known Darren for a number of years, and I’m recommending him as the best Labour Party candidate for the Itchen constituency. Darren was a tremendously successful candidate for Romsey and Southampton North, polling neck and neck with the Liberal Democrats and putting an end to the often quoted ‘its a two party race’ in Romsey. Darren will be a principled and committed candidate for Itchen. He will represent everyone honourably; ensuring all voices are heard.  I have great respect for Darren; he’s dedicated, hard working and articulates an optimistic Labour future for Itchen.
stephenfenerty 1

Stephen Fenerty

Bitterne Park member

Darren would be an outstanding parliamentary candidate. A longstanding member of the Labour Party and city councillor, he is a committed campaigner, passionate about social justice. He is also compassionate and hardworking – putting him poles apart from the current Tory government and its lazy time-serving MPs, including one not so far from home. So I believe Darren can win Southampton Itchen for Labour and be a great representative for our city.

The Wield family

Peartree residents

As a family we'd love the opportunity to vote for Darren as our MP. Darren is an infectiously energetic, engaging and influential person! We know him to be a genuinely compassionate person, committed to equality and providing opportunities to those forgotten by the current government.
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Richard Harris

Socialist Education Association member; Former Chair of Southampton Schools’ Forum

Darren has been able to deal with difficult decisions and possible conflicts with care and in a sympathetic manner and has always known his brief.

Barney Jones

Peartree member; Executive Committe Southampton Fabian Society

As Secretary for Romsey & Southampton North CLP in 2015, I was very impressed with Darren's approach to campaigning in a Tory safe seat. I have seen he has what it takes to win back Itchen for Labour.

Rich Brown

Bargate member

Darren Paffey will be a fantastic MP for Southampton Itchen. As a Councillor and former Parliamentary candidate he already has the experience to win Southampton Itchen, whether there is an election in the next six months or in 2022. What makes Darren the stand out candidate is his willingness to listen to people and let their voice be heard.

Ben Hinks

Bitterne Park resident

In a time of distrust towards politicians, Darren Paffey does politics a great service. He is a man of integrity and authenticity. He exemplifies what it means to be a politician for the many not the few and would make an excellent MP.